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should xuan liu fold aces with 105000 on the line

Should Xuan Liu Fold Aces With $105,000 On The Line?

When professional and recreational players get involved in big pots, you often see some unconventional plays. That’s what happens in today’s hand, which is a clash between high-stakes poker pro…

retired poker pro hits full house vs billionaire 322400 pot

Retired Poker Pro Hits Full House vs Billionaire ($322,400 Pot)

I can’t wait to share with you one of the biggest pots that Doug Polk has ever played on Lodge Card Club’s stream. The blinds are $200/$400/$800 with a $400…

millionaire poker pro gets tricky with pocket aces in 116668 pot analysis

Millionaire Poker Pro Gets Tricky With Pocket Aces in $116,668 Pot (Analysis)

There’s not much better than watching two of the world’s best poker players battle it out at high stakes. The stakes are truly massive in today’s hand. The blinds are…

127165 madness 3 players move all in in high stakes game analysis

$127,165 Madness! 3 Players Move All-In in High Stakes Game (Analysis)

It’s not very often you see a multiway all-in at high stakes cash game… let alone an online high stakes cash game. But we’re going to be looking at one…

worlds best cash game player sets the trap with pocket aces 95600 pot analysis

World’s Best Cash Game Player Sets the Trap with Pocket Aces ($95,600 Pot Analysis)

Let’s take a look into arguably the most competitive poker arena in the world: high stakes online cash. The subject of this article is a $200/$400 hand played by BestDayEver…

flush vs flush rampage flops the nuts vs nik airball analysis

Flush vs Flush! Rampage Flops The Nuts vs Nik Airball (Analysis)

Today we’re going to look at a massive pot between two high stakes Hustler Casino Live regulars: Rampage Poker and Nik Airball. This is a wild pot that took place…

flopped quads vs llinusllove 194718 pot analysis

Flopped Quads vs LLinusLLove ($194,718 Pot Analysis)

Every poker player knows what it feels like to run bad. But running bad in a cash game with almost $100,000 effective stacks? That’s an entirely new level of pain….

doug polks funniest poker hand of 2023 analysis

Doug Polk’s Funniest Poker Hand of 2023 (Analysis)

Most of Doug Polk’s live stream appearances showcase high-level strategy… …but today we are going to be looking at something a little different. The hand in question took place between…

high stakes bosses battle for 34000 pot analysis

High Stakes Bosses Battle For $34,000 Pot (Analysis)

Online poker sites with high stakes have some of the sickest cash games in the world! We’re going to get a glimpse into that arena with today’s hand analysis.  This…

upswing coach plays unbelievable 379789 pot analysis

Upswing Coach Plays Unbelievable $379,789 Pot (Analysis)

Upswing Lab coach David “MissOracle” Yan has been playing in some massive games this year. He had a big score at a recent Triton high roller series, winning a $200,000…