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my pocket aces in the 2010 main event

My Pocket Aces In The 2010 Main Event

Today I am going to write about one of the more famous hands in poker. We will look back at my famous hand 12 years later and see what decisions…

trusting the poker process

Trusting The Poker Process

For today’s, article I want to write about the process and journey of a poker player. Being a poker player, or at least a successful, high-level one, involves a process…

gut instinct at the poker table

Gut Instinct At The Poker Table

Gut instincts are often misunderstood, especially by weak poker players and those who are superstitious. I’ll preface this article by stating I am no psychologist and everything I write today…

become a poker equity expert

Become A Poker Equity Expert

I want to discuss three relating poker terms that often get mixed up and misused by players. We will be discussing the relationship between equity, expected value, and equity realization….

choosing hands to three bet bluff with

Choosing Hands To Three-Bet Bluff With

Choosing the correct poker hands to three-bet as a bluff can be very difficult. Many professionals of all levels fail to study enough and know the correct hands to bluff…

becoming a winning poker player

Becoming A Winning Poker Player

In today’s article, I want to talk about what it takes to become a winning poker player in today’s environment. With solvers, GTO strategy and other complex systems, it can…

defending the big blind multiway

Defending The Big Blind Multiway

One of the biggest mistakes that I see in weak players is that they defend their big blind too wide when facing multiway action. In today’s article, I want to…

when to use the donk bet

When To Use The Donk Bet

I recently asked for topics to write about on Twitter and had a couple questions regarding donk betting. Followers were interested in hearing when is the correct time to donk…

maintaining confidence in poker

Maintaining Confidence In Poker

Today we will talk about a mental issue that I see in a lot of poker players, including myself. The issue in question is the failure to realize that the…

3 errors made by bad tournament players

3 Errors Made By Bad Tournament Players

In today’s article we are going to discuss three of the typical mistakes I see from weak tournament players. The three mistakes we will discuss are over continuation betting (c-betting)…