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pro poker player moves down in stakes to help you move up

Pro Poker Player Moves Down in Stakes (to Help You Move Up)

If you play relatively low stakes (online or live), read on. One of our coaches, Gary “GazzyB123” Blackwood, recently dropped down to 10NL ($0.05/$0.10) at the request of Upswing Lab…

what is double barreling in poker 3 tips for profitable double barrels in cash games

What is Double Barreling in Poker? 3 Tips for Profitable Double Barrels In Cash Games

What is a double barrel in poker? A double barrel is a bet on the turn made by the same player who bet on the flop. For example, suppose I…

two god tier poker players clash in 225800 pot analysis

Two God-Tier Poker Players Clash in $225,800 Pot (Analysis)

Life-changing money has been changing hands in some of the biggest online cash games in recent memory. In this hand, we have online cash game crusher Linus Loeliger facing off…

how to play suited queens q9 q2 in cash games

How to Play Suited Queens (Q9-Q2) in Cash Games

The medium and low Queen-high suited hands are quite versatile, and they’re worth playing occasionally. If you play these hands too often, you’ll find yourself spewing money. If you never…

how to play ace jack suited in cash games

How to Play Ace-Jack Suited in Cash Games

Ace-Jack suited is one of the strongest hands you can get dealt in No Limit Hold’em. You should expect to win a good amount of money with it (on average)….

how to play flush draws on the flop turn as the preflop aggressor

How to Play Flush Draws on the Flop & Turn (As the Preflop Aggressor)

Who doesn’t love flopping a flush draw? It’s easy to understand why players get excited when they have a flush draw, but that excitement can cause costly strategic errors. In…

how to play queen ten suited in cash games

How to Play Queen-Ten Suited in Cash Games

Queen-Ten suited is one of those strong and silent types of poker hands. It’s not a premium Rolls Royce like Pocket Aces. Instead, it’s more of a Volvo: fast, reliable,…

top poker pros battle for half a million dollar pot analysis

Top Poker Pros Battle for Half a Million Dollar Pot (Analysis)

The boys are back at it again. Today’s hand is a nasty one between two online juggernauts, Linus Loeliger (LLinusLove) and Wiktor Malinowski (Limitless), battling it out at astronomical stakes….

how to play pocket sevens in cash games

How to Play Pocket Sevens in Cash Games

Let’s talk about the hockey sticks! Pocket Sevens is one of those “good, but not easy to play” hands. Middling pairs are strong hands that are very frequently worth playing…

why you should not chop when deep in a tournament

Why You Should NOT Chop When Deep In A Tournament

If you have ever made a deep run in a tournament, you may have been asked “Do you want to chop?” It’s no wonder why. Especially in bigger tournaments, the…