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pz 79 fast times with slow poker

PZ 79: Fast Times with Slow Poker

The poker vlogging movement is only ten years old but has probably done more for keeping poker in the public eye than any pro celebrity of the era: the vloggers…

poker zoo 78 scandal therapy with dr robert samuels

Poker Zoo 78: Scandal Therapy, with Dr. Robert Samuels

This week Dr. Robert Samuels returns to the Zoo to talk about the latest round of poker cheating accusations and scandals. Robert recently polished up an old solution – can…

poker zoo 77 tight ralph raises his game

Poker Zoo 77: Tight Ralph Raises His Game

We stay in the live streets this week and talk hands with Ralph B., a low-stakes cash game reg I know through Red Chip Poker. As for many players, Covid…

poker zoo 76 yaser al keliddar beats captive audience

Poker Zoo 76: Yaser Al-Keliddar Beats Captive Audience

Dean is unleashed this week and talks with a familiar face, east coast tournament grinder, limit player, and general smart-ass Yaser Al-Keliddar. If you’re on the tournament joyride, you know…

poker zoo 75 that new pro life with nate serisky

Poker Zoo 75: That New Pro Life, with Nate Serisky

Vagabond vet DGAF called him “Tom Brady Jr.” but in reality, the story is more interesting than just always getting there at the right time. Las Vegas live pro Nate…

poker zoo 74 thomas against the simps

Poker Zoo 74: Thomas Against the Simps

Thomas Pinnock of Zenith Poker returns to the Zoo to review his most challenging year in poker. In addition to releasing a controversial new set of exploitative ranges and taking…

poker zoo 73 hustler shaun

Poker Zoo 73: Hustler Shaun

Today we go behind the scenes and talk to Shaun Yaple, General Manager of the Hustler Casino in Gardena, California. I find out what it takes to run a card…

poker zoo 72 michael lukichs solver school

Poker Zoo 72: Michael Lukich’s Solver School

On the cusp of a new year, new ventures. One is returning guest Michael Lukich’s two-pronged effort to improve your game through better solver and data study, Solver School. It’s…

poker zoo 71 more coaching more profits with luka v

Poker Zoo 71: More Coaching, More Profits, with Luka V

It’s our holiday podcast. When we last checked in with TBR member Luka Vitasovic, he was settling into a long “coaching for profits” contract with Nick Howard’s Poker Detox program….

the 2022 poker podcasts guide

The 2022 Poker Podcasts Guide

You may not know much about the poker podcasts you don’t listen to, despite your own good intentions. This is not necessarily your fault: most of the available guidance to…