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insane bluff or value bet


partypoker $10,000 Millions Main Event (U.K.) While the partypoker Millions Main Event always attracts stiff competition, this hand would have two poker titans battling it out for the other’s stack….

what is geometric bet sizing how do you use it

What is Geometric Bet Sizing & How Do You Use It?

Geometric bet sizing — sounds pretty math-y and complicated, doesn’t it? It’s actually not that complicated at all. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve basically applied this concept at…

5 poker boom hands that will make you cry laughing

5 “Poker Boom” Hands That Will Make You Cry Laughing

Did you play poker back during the “boom years” of 2003-2006? If you did, I’d bet my bottom dollar you look back on that time period fondly. If you didn’t,…

open limping from the button

Open Limping From The Button

When I recently asked for topics to write about on Twitter, the topic of button limping was brought up. Button limping is something that is becoming more common from strong…

elite pros battle for chip lead with 0 pairs between them analysis

Elite Pros Battle for Chip Lead With 0 Pairs Between Them (Analysis)

When two elite players are seated together late on in a tournament, it is often wise for them to steer clear of one another. This is even more so the…

monster bluff on the ggpoker final table

MONSTER BLUFF On The GGPoker Final Table!

GGPoker Super Millions Final Table Hand Review We are back with another hand review from the weekly GGPoker Super Millions tournament. While last time we were reviewing all-in’s with gutshots,…

how a top live poker crusher deals with six figure losses

How a Top Live Poker Crusher Deals with Six-Figure Losses

Unless you’re an absolute sicko, you probably hate losing money. Phil Ivey, confirmed absolute sicko. But if you play poker regularly, it’s impossible to never have stretches during which you…

know when to cash out

Know When To Cash Out

It’s the dream dilemma for every poker player. You’ve built up your bankroll and now it’s time to convert some of those numbers on the screen into crisp dollar bills….

gutshot all in for your tournament life


GG Poker Super Millions Final Table Hand Review While GG Poker’s weekly $10,000 buy-in Millions tournament usually draws a crowd, the field was even bigger when GG put on a…

uncommon check raise bluff hands

Uncommon Check-Raise Bluff Hands

In todays articles, I want to discuss unintuitive situations for check-raise bluffs when defending from the big blind. It is no myth that players under check-raise, which stems from the…