TETRIS SPIN & GO?!?? | New PokerStars promo EXPLAINED

How’s? It going youtube okay, poker james! Here today we’re, going to be looking at something new, that’s, been added to spin and goes it’s, essentially a game or promotion. On top of spin and goes in the pokestars client um, it’s quite complicated.

So we’re gonna look through how it works, but uh from my first impressions. It looks pretty fun. Let’s jump in so you can find the spinning goes in the same place as normal the spin and go tab on pokestars uh.

If you’re using quickseek, it’s here. If you use all games – which is what i do find it here, uh, then you’ve got the tabs omaha max, observe and hold them. I think spin and go is only working on the tetris version.

Only works on regular hold’em, so you’re gonna want to be playing just those ones. You’ll know which games have the tetris promo available. If you see the word tetris above it, i think uh. One thing you do need to do is join the games um before you are able to score points.

So if you look over on the right hand, side you’ve, got the more info tab and then a join tab uh. So if you click join, you will be added to the leaderboard for that stake. Now, if we go to more info, we’re, going to look at leaderboards now every i do believe every limit from the ones.

Sorry, even the 25 cents up to the 500s have leaderboards each for their own limit and the highest point scores get the most prizes. So uh 25 cents there’s, a 50 prize up top, and then i guess for the 500s, there’s, a 3 000 up top so and that’s every day.

This is a daily leaderboard um. So there’s, going to be a lot of prizes up for grabs. Now let’s, have a look more in depth into how it works. So i found all this information over on google. I just googled spin and go tetris.

This was one of the first results, and this is on the pokerstars website. It goes through all of how everything works, so let’s, just jump in and have a look okay. So just like in tetris you’re, going to be clearing lines.

When you clear lines, you get points for them. Um. If you place in first place, you get more line, clears than second and third place and if you get a bad multiplier, so if you get a 2x multiplier, you get more line, clears for coming first, second or third in comparison to.

If you’ve got a good multiplier, so i think this promotion is very different to the spin 10 and spin 50 promotions, where it was kind of rewarding people who are already running good with multipliers.

So this one looks like they’re, going to be trying to encourage people to play properly on the 2x multipliers, which definitely makes sense because i’m sure a lot of you uh, especially low and micro stakes players when you get The 2x multiplier your opponents just start shoving on you.

If they’ve now got the incentive that they get more tetris points. Maybe they’ll, go a little less crazy. I don’t, know um level. So, just like a tetris, i believe tetris has 20 levels in it. It’s been a long time since i played it, but i think the higher the level you are the more points you get for the lines uh and apparently that’s.

The same same thing is happening here: okay, every time you’ve cleared five lines. You level up. So if you come first in a 2x multiplier, you’ve, almost leveled up immediately. So if you want a 2x multiplier and then you came third in a 3x, you would level up.

You can get all the way up to level 20. You get points for one line, points for two lines: okay, so it’s all linear. The points for the lines depending on the level um it looks like the winners of the leaderboards, will have so much higher scores than everyone else, because they’re, just going to be getting some insane run.

But how does a run end? Let’s, have a look at that. So if you come first second or third, you might have your board fill up. If you are on the lower levels. Apparently all that happens is if you come third or second, there are no changes.

Uh first, you can improve. You can improve your board if you’re level, two to five, so that’ll, be a little bit later on, let’s say you played five or six games there’s. A fifty percent chance, if you come in third place, your board will worsen.

There are, i believe, three different board states, so these states are in indicated by green, amber and red. So i think you start off in green, so level, zero to one you’re, always going to be in green level.

Two to five. If you come third place or second place, you could end up going into amber or red state uh. Apparently, fifty percent of the time, if you come third, you go to amber and then fifty percent of the time you go to red.

If you go beyond red, i think it’s game over and your score is finished and put on the leaderboard kind of complicated. But i think i ‘ Ve got the gist of it. What it’s going to create is an almost exponential kind of point score.

So if you’re able to get to the higher levels, you will be gaining a lot more points than you were early on. So, for example, here, if you get a one line on level one, you get 80 points, but if you get one line on level 20, you get 840 points, so it’s.

A huge difference, definitely exponential. So the people who get the really high scores at the top will be their scores will be far higher than uh someone in 50th place, for example, so uh let’s. Look at how it looks in the lobby now so before.

We start this tetris game. I’m going to want to join up here. Make sure you click this before you start. Otherwise, you won’t get anything. I think i think that’s, how it works, uh, loads up and says your board is in good shape.

So, like we said earlier, it will go green there’s, a level there’s the lines and there’s your score. So we’re on level zero because we haven’t started. Yet we haven’t had any lines yet because we haven’t played we get lines from coming.

Third, second or first. If we come first, we can normally get more lines than second or third which we saw earlier and then the score will increase slowly at the beginning and then go up really fast at the end, if you get to the higher levels, so let’S jump into a game and see how that runs uh.

So we got a thirty dollar spin, so a free x multiplier and it says free line clears. So if we win, we would get three line clears. So we’ll, get three lines: uh. We need five lines to level up, so we’ll still be level zero.

If we want this over on the chat bar, it has the tetris board in it. So we have the level the lines and the score. It also has the click check. The leaderboard option, so if i click that it brings up the leaderboard – and i guess we’ll – find ourselves on there once we ‘

Ve got a score, but at the moment we don’t have the score yet. So let’s, hopefully win this um going back to what we were looking at earlier over on the pokestars website. It said on there that we get different amounts of lines depending on our finishing position and depending on the multiplier i’m pulling this up.

Now we ‘ Ve got a 3x multiplier. If we come third place, we only get one line clear. If we get second place, we get two line clears and if we win, we get three line clears the whole uh table layout is a lot different to normal.

I’ve, been told the way you can disable that if you don’t like this, let’s say you’re, not a fan of the moving pieces or just the layout in general. You can change it, you can just untick display optional graphics and then it goes back to classic uh.

I prefer i prefer it on. I quite like the aesthetics i like the tetris piece at the bottom um. I think you can change the felt color. So if you don’t like the blue, you can make it green, make it black um green’s quite nice, so maybe we’ll, make it green for now all right! So let’s, play this game.

Try and uh win this or at least come second, i would say, for the most part you don’t have to worry about, like icm pressure um. I think this leaderboard promotion, while quite useful. Most of the time coming, the difference between coming third and second for us will be pretty negligible uh.

But if you’ve got a really really high score. If you know you’re going to get a top 10 high score, you’re. Looking at your score and you’re like this is good. I’m. I think at that point it’s really important to not come third place, so that gets a bit interesting there.

So, unfortunately, we didn’t win. In fact, we came third place like it said before we get one line for coming. Third and we get a score of 40., we need to get five lines to level up. So let’s. Uh try again get another game in get the spinner running, so this one we got a 5x multiplier, so it’s.

Quite interesting in the it it rewards the lower multipliers rather than the higher ones. I mean you’re already going to be happy about winning a 5x, so it makes sense why they’d, give less points for it, uh yeah.

I think that’s, a really good way to keep people interested in the lower multipliers. Is that necessarily good for us, as uh people trying to make money? I would say short term no long term? Yes, because short term, we now got the players who normally go crazy on the 2x multipliers, probably less likely to go crazy because they want to get all the points from the tetris promotion.

But on the plus side it’s, probably better. In the long run, to have people come in and want to play, tetris and try and get a high score. So it’s. They’ll, be looking at their high score, maybe a little less than their actual bankroll, which would be really cool.

Um yeah people are going to want to stick around and finish their run. So, although i liked the spin 10 leaderboard that was on before this, it did create a situation where, if you don’t run good at the first few games, there was not really much of a point to finish the run with this tetris game.

It’s a little bit different because even if you run bad at the beginning, if you catch a good streak near the end, you can get a huge point score. So as long as you don’t game over bus, though people are probably going to want to keep playing and they’ll be playing all sorts of different limits.

I would guess, i think people who normally play let’s say they play the tens. Normally they’re gonna probably try the fives and the twenty fives. If they’ve ended their ten dollar run. So you’re gonna get all sorts of different players playing different limits uh.

I presume this will be a good thing for the mid stakes as well. You’re gonna get people shotting higher stakes, trying to get a good run uh and they’re gonna be playing more games, so this is good as well so yeah, i think short-term, maybe not amazing, but long-term good in That respect, but the fact that you’ve got this whole tetris thing in this whole design and everything.

This is this aesthetic i’m guessing they’re, going to have a marketing campaign as well. I don’t, know um. This should mean that the games are softer than ever, but i guess time will tell if you want to talk about that kind of stuff.

Come over to our discord, channel um. The link will be in down in the description, uh lots of people at the moment talking about um strategies for this game now, for the most part, i think especially early on you should just be playing your normal game, but if you are getting close to a Big high score, one thing i think will be very plus ev to do would be to move down to one tabling.

You want to increase your win rate as much as possible. You want to focus as much as possible if you’re playing like, for example, let’s check the leaderboard. I just want to show you something if you’re playing, yes, it loads.

I guess there’s, going to be some loading difficulties. People in our discord were saying that it’s been taking a while. Maybe i’ll. Try again, i’ll, just keep opening it until it works. In the shovel ice king – nice always nice to see beautiful, so it looks like the leaderboard isn’t loading up.

Obviously, isn’t ideal. If you’re trying to figure out what kind of point score you need, but um one thing i want to stress is for the lower limits, so particularly for 25 cent. One dollars two dollars: five dollars there’s, a lot of buy-ins up the top.

So if you are looking at getting a high score, let’s, say your high score. Your score is over a hundred thousand, which is a high score in this. I believe, if you’ve got a score over that point.

You probably want to start one tabling to try and uh maximize your win rate. Make sure you don’t come third, especially so that you can stay in the game longer and get more points for it. So yeah i ‘

Ve got an open ender, but i probably won’t even get an aside default, so i’m, going to just check it hope to get a free showdown. Don’t. I’m just gonna call, and i’m gonna check and one in ten times we’re gonna win with ten high, i would say yeah.

I i don’t wan na try and get an ace to fold um on the turn, because they ‘ Ve got an overcard and a gut shot, and we’ve marked them. Recreational normally means they’re. A bit more sticky with the drawers than regs uh.

So another thing that i’m, aware of, is the rake hasn’t changed for this promotion. So if you just want to play like normal standards, uh spin and go like here just turn that tetris thing off, let’s say you just want to play normal standard spin and go.

You can do that? No hassle, um. Just make sure you just join and opt in because you’re just missing on free money. Otherwise, if you do get a good high score but uh, i would say that this promotion by itself is gonna.

I would presume make these games softer than they ever will be from now on. I think i don’t, think they’ll ever be as soft as they are at this point. So if you guys are really looking for a way to build a bankroll to put some volume in to get something going in 2021, i think now’s.

The time to do it and i think the spin and go tetris will be the game type to do it in. That is my belief. Uh. If you’ve got any thoughts on that again, i said come over to our discord channel and if you’re, looking really for more strategy content just hit the subscribe button to this channel because we’ve done lots Of youtube, uh videos, session reviews and all sorts um, we also have a low stakes spin and go course.

I’ll. Put that in the description down below um. Teaches you how to play and win at the low stakes games. I define low stakes as between five and 25 dollars games, but uh. The the course can help for uh micros as well so buy-ins lower than fives as well, but yeah that’s.

What it was designed for, um, myself and nick put a lot of work into it. I’ve, got lots of positive feedback and reviews. You can check those reviews out on the website if you’re interested in looking at the course, but yeah for the most part um.

I think now is the time to really look at trying to get your grind on. If you’ve been like armin and aaron about getting into spin and goes now’s the time to really give it a try. In my opinion, uh.

So we’ve been led out. We’ve got an over on a gut shot. We’re in position. I don’t like folding, but it’s going to be very very hard to play. So i’m just going to fold, i’ll. Keep it simple here i don’t.

Think too many players at the mic. Low stakes are going to be check, calling and then leading this turn card as a bluff. Unless they had a very, very solid bluffing hand, a s4, i could shove. I like taking post, lock, um, not folding the flop with ace high.

We’ve now got a four high flush drawer and a side could still be good. So again, i’m, not folding um. They could, for example, have 910 that’s, a good example. It’s, questionable wherever i even want to fold on the river.

To be honest, um, i guess not yeah. I don’t want to be folding. If i had an ace 9, an ace 10 and like that, i don’t want to be i don’t want to be calling because i want them to have 910. I want them to have jack 9.

. I want them to have um 10 6 right if you have any of those hands that block the kind of draws that you want them to have do not play it. Unfortunately, we lost that one as well uh. We came second and it was a 5x multiplier, so we got another line and we got 40 points for that.

Um yeah we’ll. Just keep keep trucking, i guess but yeah. The good thing about this is just like at the beginning. Here we’re, doing really badly right. We played two, we lost two, but it isn’t over for us, so in spin 10 and spin 50.

If you started those uh runs and you lost the first few, then i think most people. It makes more sense to just give up and move on to something else, whereas with the tetris yeah, i came last place twice, but because we’re on level zero and level one we don’t lose um, our board doesn’t get worse, so our board is still in good shape.

We have nothing to worry about at the moment, of course, so yeah it’s, really not a problem. Let’s, see we can win a flip. We can’t and again i do believe in the road yeah, so it’s still in good shape.

Now we ‘ Ve got three lines um, but yeah. If you get that kind of run later on, you’re done, it’ll, be game over. I think it’s really interesting. It’s, going to bring a lot of players to want to keep playing until their run is over, which is really good for a grinder.

I would say, because you want those recreational players to want to play more and more games until the run is over. So this is good uh king, queen, i could shove all four x and a four x absolute pain in the balls um i gonna fold.

I don’t think i want to stack off now uh. If i had king queen suit, i’ll call if i had a hand like ace, jack or better, i’m calling i don ‘ T really have that many hands that are going to isolate the limp and then fold, so i don’t need to worry about being exploited there.

I’m, doing a really very value heavy range, so we limped they min raised and they checked all the way down. We’re, never getting involved with a hand like this, and they raised with king eight. They only mean race, though i think at this point we can mark them recreational.

We should have done it earlier. Just limping. The button is enough. Really uh don’t need for any special size bet here. If they’ve got an ace. We’re, probably getting this stack. If they got a seven, we might be able to get them to call at least one street cut shots as well yeah.

Speaking from personal experience, if you get limp shoved on in low stakes, spinning goes the range has been pretty strong in general and then, if you, if it turns out that it wasn’t strong, you’re gonna get their chips.

Very quickly, anyway, so a few hands later you will uh they’ll, do something really silly so that you know about it. So i guess i’ll fast forward this action until something happens, leaderboard twice, and then we can talk about how that’s, [ Music ] occurring so so far.

All we’ve done is lose, but we have managed to level up. We’re now level. One uh we’ve, got 220 points. Five lines cleared level, zero and level one. We cannot get our board in a worse shape, so if there’s ever a time to go on a downswing, i guess it’s right at the beginning, um, but once we get to level two and higher things start to change.

So i’m gonna grind away and then come back to you when we get into that that position, so we managed to win a 3x multiplier and that’s brought us another three lines. Score is now 8 20. uh. In two more lines, time will be on level two onwards.

If we get level two, then there’s, a fifty percent chance. If we came third, that our board would get in worse shape, so that’s. When the pressure really starts. I think at level two for now, though, we’re, going to keep grinding, and i’ll, come back to you when we hit level two, so we reached level two now um.

From this point onwards, our board can get more filled and we could game over if we keep coming in second or third place. So we better not do that from now on. Hopefully we got rid of all the losses early on um managed to get one win out of that.

So far so dollar wise it hasn’t been going so well yet, but hopefully we can start getting some wins in okay, so we just lost this one and uh already coming third place, not a good idea. 50 chance we hit it.

Our board is already filling up, so not a great start james, i have to say um. If we come further again, we’ve got another 50 chance, and then we go to your board is like nearly full and then it’s.

Game over so hopefully we can uh start winning some games if we win games at this stack size. Sorry, if at this level, according to the promotion, the promotion on pokestar’s website um, we have an 80 chance to improve the board state.

If we get a win, so it’s not over yet just because it went a little bit bad. If we can just get a win there’s, an 80 chance, we’ll um, pull it back up to being. In a good state boardwise, so, although the beginning has gone bad, it’s, not the end of the run.

So hopefully we can win with kings. Here it doesn’t. Look good doesn’t, look good! Okay! It still says my board is filling up so this time coming third place. Fifty percent of the time it doesn’t change, so we got lucky there in one in wrong regard.

So we’re still in the same position as before. We just got an extra lines of other points. We’re, hitting some big multipliers, which is nice, but it’s, not good for the point score just good for my bottom line.

Well, we’re going to fold freeze. This is a good sign, though let’s, see what kind of crap these guys have. Five is an ace queen, okay, shoving ace, queen don’t know any reg. That would do that over calling fives, i’m gonna leave that i think that’s.

Probably okay. I think so. Many people are just shoving deuces to fours, but i think it’s. Probably okay twos: i’m gonna check down so yeah. We’ll uh play this out and then see what happens so in. If i can end up coming.

Second, there’s, a 20 chance. My board will worsen 80 chance. It will stay the same, but we get some lines. Extra four come in second or a line extra for coming. Second and then, if i do win there’s, an eighty percent chance, my board will improve and then we’re back to normal, which would be sweet right.

So there’s, an 80 chance that our board goes back to good shape, which is great. So even though we have been losing some, we just want a nice multiplier and got back into good shape level. Three, i don’t.

Think you can get higher than good shape. So, even if we win going forward, it won’t, get better situation, won’t, get better uh. We’ve, got 16 lines so far and a score of 1 820. So you saw earlier on, we’re, only getting 40 points per line.

Now we’re getting level three. Now we’re getting about four times that we’re, getting 160 points per line, so yeah the score will start really rapidly increasing. At this point, i believe uh, let’s, keep grinding away and i’ll, come back to you when things start getting uh heating up, so we got a min multiplier, which is uh good for us point wise.

So we get four line clears if we win, which is double what you would get if you want a 5x. So in that regard it’s nice, but for actual money it’s, not really that good, especially when, when we’re still early on only level three um, some people in our discord forum have been doing some simulations As to how long these runs will take on average uh looking at them, if you want to see stuff like this definitely good idea to come over to the discord but uh in this simulation um, it looks like most of the time, nearly all the time.

The promotion will end after 40 games for you as a player. So if you’re playing more than 40 games, it’s because you ‘ Ve got a ridiculously high score and you’re, going to be really high up in the leaderboard, but yeah it’s.

Gon na most players are going to be playing about between 15 and 30 games. Most of the time. This promotion on each uh buying level you’re, going to be playing between 15 and 30 games, so it’s, a good indication of how long these runs will take, on average nice spot to have aces wouldn’t.

You agree: it defaults. I’m, expecting lots of followers there to be honest, but you never know it is useful to note that you can multi-table these uh, so i definitely advise doing that. While you’re early on just playing it like your normal game, but if you do get start getting a really really good score, i would start switching to one or two tables, so you can really do the best you can with win rate wise, Especially on the lower buy-ins, because lower bands have so much more up top than the higher ones so, for example, the tens we can play for five hundred dollars, but then five times higher buy-in, which is the 50s uh, has 750 dollars up top.

So really i’d say this promotion is much better for people who are playing low stakes. Winning goes rather than mid and high stakes still nice. Still. A nice promotion for haier but relatively speaking, buying wise low and micro stakes have got a really good promo here.

Okay, so we check call flop, check all turn. Look at this for a hand. They just open shove, uh button on the flop, no idea, why no idea at all but yeah good games flip for the win. Nice got some points there and we won this one as well got some more points here.

So now we must be looking good level. Four, coming up to level five, i believe at level six onwards, things start changing so uh. If we get to level six, i’ll come back and we’ll, see how things change.

Okay, so i lost the game and uh. Unfortunately, our board fills up. I came second there and we’re on level five, so it’s. A twenty percent chance we’ve got the unlucky there, so hopefully we can win this and uh pull it back up.

That’ll be useful. Unfortunately, we lost that as well. Hopefully, okay, so we’re still in amber mode. It’s not all over. Yet if we can get some wins, it’s, still: okay, yeah. Let’s, get to level six onwards, and then we can talk about how it changes.

We’ve managed to get a third place there, which is not good at all. Really not good um and i’ll, explain why just now! So, if we go over to the tetris promotion uh, we’re currently on level. Six now so at level.

Six, the likelihood of our board improving if we win, is only 60 now, whereas on the earlier levels it was 80 but uh it’s even worse. If we come second or third, because there’s, a 60 chance. If we come.

Third, in the next game that the run is already done over uh and then there’s, a 40 chance. If we came second, but it would be over as well. So we’re, really really to need to not only win but also hopefully get some improves as well.

We’ve got a 60 chance which is still okay, but uh yeah. We’re, going to need to pull something out the bag pretty quickly. We’re on the ropes we’re on the ropes chat, so at least we haven’t come third there’s.

Now a 40 chance of a game over. If, if we came second place, oh, we hit a seven. Is it three sevenths? No? Okay, it’s, a bit more tense than normal. I have to say trying to win this. Oh, it’s, a very small raise.

I guess i’ll, stick around if they hadn’t made it so small. It’s a fold, but we’re in position. Ace high could be weird, got some back doors um. I think we still want to bet the ace, even though the eight has come out.

I think we ‘ Ll get definitely get caught by a king being check rise by an eight doesn’t happen that often so yeah put it in the snap fold kind of just suggested to me that they uh had a draw that didn’t hit.

So ace high was good. Probably they’ve, definitely been a bit active against my bets. So i like to check in that one back. The river is pretty nasty first time they weren’t active and they had a top pair there.

I guess it makes sense. Okay action flop, all in a bit bigger than half pot, which is definitely scary. Um, i’ve done it twice. This is a very, very good, strong sign of a strong hand, but we have middle pair and an opening straight drawer.

There’s, no way i can get away from it. Uh on the river we can fold, we can definitely follow the river. We’ve got lots of other stuff that would want to call instead, for example, straights 9x uh. Maybe we have some asex as well.

I’m, not sure about that, but yeah. I just think recreational players are more likely to give away siding tales. There yeah looks like we’re on the ropes on the ropes can’t play back with the hand like that.

This is good shoving, queen free for 13. Big blinds that’s, not solver approved. I can tell you right now: ouch we hit the four though okay, so we ‘ Ve got a 60 chance of making the board better.

Can we hit it? Can we win that sixty percent? We do so now we got a bit more leeway. Uh, i’m, going to chuck in two more games and we’ll, see how we do so until level nine. If we win there’s, a 60 chance of improving if we come second, there’s, a 40 chance of it worsening and then, if we come further, there’s a 60 chance of it worsening.

So hopefully, these next two games, we can get some books and wins and get our board state back to to nice. We’ve got a free x and we got a number three x, two three axes. So we see how that goes.

Okay, he’s, hit before brutal brutal. This is not good! Please! Don’t get worse. Please! Don’t get worse nice. We hit the 40 chance that it stays the same so that’s good. There is a bit of luck to this, but it’s.

Definitely skill based, of course, if you’re, getting lots of wins, you’re, going to get a high score 10 to aces for 44 chips and we bad beat them as well. There’s a time and a place. I don’t, think that was the time or the place to get that kind of run good, not expecting us to bluff yeah.

He’s 10 versus 10 9. Nice we got the win. Can we get an improvement in our board? 60 chance, i believe, yay okay, we’ve, managed to pull it back to being in good shape. Very nice. Okay, it’s, really looking good now, so we were on the ropes and now we’ve pulled it all.

The way back and we’re in as good as shape as there’s. Someone won every game. Wow that’s; a loose call going to make them. Unfortunately, we come third, this isn’t good. I think our board is going to go worse unless we win a 40 percenter nice 40 chance to keep that good shape so running a little bit good in that regard.

Okay, so we’re on level, seven score. 21. 000. Again, everything stays the same until we get to level 10. I believe. Oh, oh, oh crap again, we got ta fade that 40. Sorry, we ‘ Ve, got 40 chance of fading 60 chance of getting in the worst spot, but hey.

We won again 40 chance there ouch, i’m, really not good at running good. In these organs we’re, winning the flips, and we’re in the 60s 40s or 40 60s. I should say for the uh leaderboard um: okay, we’ve, got three x and a call.

I’m, just gonna shove, eight five off what is going on here and they win good games. Though wow we’re. Very lucky to still be in good shape, getting furred there, okay, so we’re into level nine uh level, ten.

What we’re trying to get to okay, so we’re coming up to level 10 and our board is filling up. Hopefully we can get a win over here and then we ‘ Ve got a 40 chance of it. Sorry, a 60 chance of it improving.

If we won uh, four five did get there. Okay, i’ll, go for it nice. I was just looking at worst hands that we have there. We do have four or five. We do have four six! Well, lots of two pairs. I figured it was worth laughing there fairly easy with middle pair to just cool down against min bets they size up on the river uh.

I don’t think we should be folding. Often anything better than us would have raised at some point earlier, so yeah we cool it down, definitely want to get this win, because this is one of the few times where we still have a decent chance to improve the board and keep it keep it in The good place later on, we won’t.

Have that option uh i can’t see why they’re called worse. If i re-raised, so i just call myself. I seem very donk happy in these spots. Um i’ve got two overs and i got shot so i won’t fold hit the nuts on the river.

You may shove nine free okay. So just we need to note that their button clicking when we know right up against the button clicker we just know that they can be that they hit a pair and they don’t know we don’t know if they’re laughing it or evaluating it.

We have no idea, so it’s good to know that they’re betting kind of merged ranges. Unfortunately, our 60 chance of getting our board back to almost empty, did not work, and now we’re at level 10, which means from now on the likelihood, even if we won to improve, goes down to 40.

So we’re in dangerous waters right now, but we do have a nice score. 37. 000. We get in there um. If we come. Third from now on there’s, a 70 chance, our board will worsen if we come. Second, from now on, it’s, a 60 chance.

So at this point i would definitely say we’re, going to need some run good. So let’s, give it a go! Well. Here i’ve, been check raised, i’ve hit a pair, so the sizing was very, very big uh cool and uh yeah.

Well, i’ll call the river there’s just too many things i’ve missed nine tennis. Diamonds have missed uh lots of gutshot queen nine, for example, your board is almost full. This is not good. 37 000 points.

So we had a 70 chance of getting worse and it has so now. We really need to win this otherwise might be game over uh king 10. I guess we shove against this player uh! Oh, this could be it. Ah, it’s. The end of the run uh yeah i wouldn’t say this run went particularly well uh.

We got a score of. Let me see, hang on. Let me get the right score. Let’s load it up uh. We came 151st place at the moment. 38 900 points, so we are still quite far away from the first place, but you have to remember that that your point score goes up very very quickly at the higher limits.

So if we go back to and refer to the leaderboard, if you’re getting points when you’re level 20, you can be getting lots and lots of points, especially if you get the four line. One. You get 25 000 points for a four line, so yeah can get some huge scores very quickly with that, like that’s, only 10 10 wins.

If you got to level 20 – and you got 10 – wins that’s, an extra 250k right, so huge scores possible anyway. I hope you’ve enjoyed the run. I’ve just had uh. I hope you guys check it out if you want to talk more about these games, come over to our discord, channel again link in the description below, and i will see you on tables, i am going to be streaming.

Some runs over on twitch, so i’ll, be over on twitch.tv forward. Slash op underscore poker. I’ll, be doing some runs all throughout the promotion period. I believe it runs until the end of march um. You can play any stake, so you could play anything up from 25 cents.

Up to 500, i will probably be doing runs from the [ Music ] low stakes upwards. I guess we do anything between five and a hundred dollars runs um and we do it on stream. So if you want to come, hang out and chat about this promotion feel free to do so anyway.

Uh, unfortunately, not the best run, not the worst um. I think overall i broke, even in that session i hit some 5x multipliers and won them that helped uh, probably didn’t play. Amazingly, i was just trying to record so if you spot, any big mistakes feel free to put them in the chat.

But i’m, not too worried about it. I was just recording and we were only playing ten dollars. So i think i’ll, get over it uh yeah. Hopefully i’ll, see you over on discord or on twitch. Remember we do have a low stakes spin and go course.

So, if you are thinking or in are enticed, is to get uh to get some volume in and to get some study in. I think now is the time to do it. If you haven’t bought our course or looked at the course already.

Please go and check it out. There’ll, be a link in the description below um. We’ve, got lots of pre-flop charts and uh uh videos on how to play post block which, which should really help you out in these nice.

Soft games um yeah other than that. Thank you all for watching. Please hit the like button and the subscribe button. If you haven’t done so already uh i ‘ Ve got some more session reviews coming out in the next few weeks.

Uh but other than that we will be streaming this tetris spin and go over on twitch. So see you later. You

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