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WoW Leveling Spec – What You Need From Your Talent Build

Leveling in World of Warcraft is serious business. You will need to have the correct WoW leveling spec if you wish to level the fastest.

WoW Leveling Online Guide – Is It Still Good?

Having a leveling guide in WoW is a really good way to ensure a fast paced progression. No matter in what format the guide is, their efficiency is still something that players need.

WoW Leveling Map For Mists Of Pandaria

Going through the right WoW leveling map for the level range you are on is very important. If you go through low level quests, you will waste time and not make good progress, and if you are doing higher level quests than you, it will be difficult and time-consuming also.

WoW Keybinding – Best 1-6 Keybinding for Tanks

Playing a tank is not exactly a walk in the park with all the classes in the game. If you don’t use the right rotation, your threat generation will suck, and this may lead your group to a total wipe. Not only that, but using the wrong WoW keybinding, especially for your main quick bar, may render your tank very difficult to play. So, in this post, here’s the best possible 1-6 WoW keybinding for each of the WoW tank classes.

WoW Leveling In PvP – Killing Players Earns Experience?

WoW leveling in PvP doesn’t sound right to most players. Mainly because World of Warcraft is a game more focused on PvE.

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