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The Poker Zoo, Ep. 22: Adam Zerner’s PPT


After a break for the WSOP, we’re back in the Zoo. Our guest is Adam Zerner, a low stakes online and live player I met in Las Vegas. An accomplished coder, Adam has created NLHE equity analysis software he calls Premium Poker Tools.

This web-based application is an expansion on the Flopzilla and Equilab idea, with some of the scenario-specific flavor of Doug Hull’s Flop Falcon.

Together we explore the software, which is in continuous development. We talk about why and what we are doing when we re-raise preflop, and then go over his strategy in a hand from a meet-up game at the Golden Nugget.

Adam Zerner’s Premium Poker Tools

I’m playing in a private 1/2 NL game with some very good opponents from Red Chip. The particular opponent I was up against seemed on the TAGgy side. My image was probably pretty tight and somewhat aggressive. Effective stack is about $320. I look down at AKo UTG and open to $10. It folds around to Villain on the BTN. He 3bets to about $35 I believe. I was playing tight preflop and am UTG, but I still interpret his 3bet as being wide enough where I should 4bet, so I immediately pop it to $110. He thinks for a few seconds, and calls. Flop comes KQ8r with about $220 in there and $210 behind. I decide to check.

Turn is an offsuit 6. I decide to check again, feeling somewhat confused, not really feeling good about going for value, hoping he checks behind. Instead, he shoves.

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