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The Poker Zoo, Ep. 32: Greg & OOP Club Games

sketch of greg by Chief 1

Back after a brief hiatus, I speak with one of the latest TBR members, Greg, who just completed Construction 1 and 2. Greg lives and plays in the PNW with another TBR mainstay, Luka who appeared on episode two. After years of not going anywhere in one-two games, Greg is now applying himself and is, well, looking to go deep, so to speak. We talk through two spots: one is a conceptual solve that Greg created in order to examine betting frequencies on deceptively advantageous boards, and two, a hand he played in the OOP club games.

(By the way, I forgot to follow up, mid-interview, about that turn sizing point I made, but the solver did confirm my suggestion.)

Speaking of the OOP games, you are invited to play in them. Contact Porter at oop.pppclub @ to introduce yourself and join club #505400 on pppoker.

Sketch of Greg by “Chief.”

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