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The (Poker) Zoo, Ep. 6: Jason

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This week features Jason Burge, who has very actively studied within my coaching circle since the inception of The Back Room, having taken both the Easy Game Group and both Construction courses. Jason has reached the biggest games in his surprisingly active poker home, Detroit.

Hand History: 2/5 live, 9 handed, $500 effective. EP, HJ, CO limp, I limp button with T9o, BB checks. Pot is 25, flop Q97r. HJ bets 10, I call. Pot is 45, Turn 9h. CO bets 25, call. Pot is 95, River 5. CO bets 100.

CO has been a very passive player in this session.

Listener note: I am still tweaking how the podcast is hosted and distributed. If you are having problems receiving it for the moment from Itunes or Sticher et al, have patience. The pod will always be available here on the blog, regardless.

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