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CityVille Tips Guide – Move Up CityVille Levels Faster Than You Think Possible

Probably the very best tip for moving up CityVille levels faster, relates to your neighbors. You can’t make progress for long in the CityVille game without growing your neighbors. These are the two best CityVille tricks for achieving this:

Starcraft 2 and Terran Scouting Techniques

None of the races can contend with Terran when it comes to scouting, Terran have a whole host of unique ways to figure out what their enemies are planning to do next. Unlike the other two races, Terran is the only race that can scout without even using units. Using there comsat station they can throw down a scan anywhere on the map costing only 100 minerals per scan, this detects everything even cloaked and barrowed units, however only use it when it’s absolutely necessary, Terran have many free and equally effective ways of scouting their opponent. They have the unique ability to lift off their building and use them as a scouting unit. You can actually fly them over to your opponent’s main/natural and use them as an uber Overseer.

Blood Elf Or Night Elf

So, you are unsure if you should be a Blood Elf or a Night Elf…. Well look no further as we are going to investigate the upside and downside of both races to determine if one is better than the other.

What It Takes to Become a High Ranking Starcraft 2 Player

Are you tired of being stuck in the bronze league? Wish that you could play like a pro and score games like never before? Well then, you’re not the only one, trust me.

Economic Standard Zerg Build Orders in Starcraft 2

In SC2 your build order determines a lot about how you’ll play the rest of the game, build orders are either economic or aggressive builds, some fall in between. If you’re opting for an economic build you’re looking to play a long macro game, aggressive builds are generally meant to bring the pain early on. The timing of the spawning pool is a good indicator of the type of build a player is going for. If the pool goes down before 10 supply count is reached there is likely going to be early aggression. If the pool goes down after the hatchery or in quick succession with second hatch, usually after 10 food, the early aggression will likely be minimal, maybe just a bit of harass. It is wise to scout as early as possible to give yourself a heads up on whether to go for economic build or an early aggressive build. Choosing the wrong build can cost you the game.

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