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All About The Tennis Game

Tennis is a sport whose roots can be traced back to the 19th Century. It is said to have originated from England whereby it was at first only played by the people who belonged to the upper class. During this time, it required very little equipment for playing.

How To Play Frogger

The term Frogger is used to refer to an arcade game, which is licensed for worldwide distribution and play. It came into the limelight in 1981 as a development by Konami. The main objective is for the player to try and direct frogs into their homes one after the other.

How Is It Possible to Reach Level 50 in SWTOR Within 7 Days?

In just a single week, the online game known as Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) has created a buzz around MMO circles. Based on the initial reports, around 1 million game enthusiasts participated in playing SWTOR just one week after it was unveiled.

The SWTOR Mercenary Guide

One of the many classes of the Sith forces in Star Wars: The Old Republic is the SWTOR Mercenary. In fact, the mercenary is an advanced class of the Bounty Hunter and it is a damage-dealing class, which focuses heavily on dual wielding and the wrist-mounted rocket launcher. The SWTOR Mercenary can also be seen as a mirror class of the Jedi Trooper, since it also has a similar skill tree as well.

The Puzzle Game

Puzzle game is one of the pastime sports that most people think is very easy to play. However, it requires so much critical thinking that those who have played it can confirm that it truly entails a lot of logical skills for one to be able to successfully play it. Apart from just the fun that players are able to get from playing, there is much more that one stands to learn.

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