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Domino – The Horse Racing Game

Of all the kinds of games available online, horse racing ones are probably the most paradoxical. These games have that old familiar ring to it which makes you feel like you’ve always known and always played the game even if you have never actually played such a game. But of all the various games in this genre, one name stands out as better than the rest – Domino the Speed Defining colt.

Hunter Guide – Best Hunter Spec For PvP

Hunters are damage dealers, so basically with any Hunter spec you can play PvP. In random battlegrounds you shouldn’t have any problem playing any spec, and being equipped with any gear. However, if you’re looking for performance, and a high arena rating, you must choose the best spec for PvP. In this post I’m going to put a short Hunter guide, telling you how to specialize it for PvP, and of course, explain which Hunter spec is best for PvP.

Tips Regarding Your WoW PvP Gear

If you have a little bit of skill, it’s quite fun to play battlegrounds using PvE gear, especially if you’re a damage dealer. However, if you want performance, and high arena ratings, well, that basically can’t be achieved with proper WoW PvP gear. Tweaking your WoW PvP gear is also important. That’s why in this post I’m going to provide a few tips.

Priest Guide – What’s The Best Priest Spec For PvP

Depending on the play style that you prefer, you can play a WoW Priest in PvP as a healer and as a damage dealer. However, when it comes to a group support spec, the Discipline spec is muche better than Holy because not only that you’ll get improved heal spells, some of your damage spells will also be effective. So, if it’s the case, you will be able to help your team with a bit of DPS, if you choose the Discipline Priest spec. Anyway, here’s a short Priest guide for PvP covering both Priest PvP-oriented specs, Shadow and Discipline.

Paladin Guide – Best DPS Paladin Spec for PvE

If you want to raid as a DPS Paladin, it’s pretty much obvious that you have to choose the Retribution spec. However, there are talents that aren’t very useful for PvE DPS, from the Retribution line. So, here’s a short Paladin guide for specializing your Pally for DPS. Of course, since most of the talents in the Retribution spec will be capped, I will only point out the ones you shouldn’t train.

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