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Vamos! Felipe Ramos Books Big Win For Backers In Bellagio $10K PLO

Felipe Ramos Victory
Felipe Ramos (with his wife Natalie Hof Ramos) celebrating his score in the Five Diamond $10K PLO for $115,500.

Felipe Ramos booked a big score on Thursday night in the $10,500 Pot-Limit Omaha event at the Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic when he and Hank Yang chopped the tournament for a score of $115,500 each.

But Ramos wasn’t the only big winner on the night as the PocketFives Staking mainstay offered action in the tournament to his fans. For those that decided to purchase a piece, a big-time return was their reward.

According to PokerGO, who were reporting on the tournament as a part of the PokerGO tour, it was a hard-fought battle from the moment the final five made the money. But things really came to a slowdown three-handed. A three-hour slugfest took place with Ramos, Yang, and eventual third-place finisher Nathan Zimnik trading blows and taking turns holding the chip lead.

Finally, Zimnik hit the rail, and Ramos and Yang found themselves with nearly identical chip stacks. It took some negotiation, but the two agreed on a deal that sent both home with a six-figure score and allowed Ramos to be recorded as the winner.

Ramos Yang
It’s a done deal between Ramos and Yang.

Of course, Ramos isn’t the only person who won big in the event. Not by a long shot.

Ramos has been consistently offering pieces of his grind on PocketFives Staking and the more than 25 backers who took him up on some of his $10K PLO action were handsomely rewarded come Friday morning with a nearly 10x return on investment.

You had to be nimble to grab a piece of this one, with Ramos posting his action on the site just a day ahead of time. He sold off 16% – all at no markup. In total, those who backed Ramos turned that collective $1,680 into $18,480. A $50 investment (0.0047%) turned into roughly $550.

It’s another huge score for PocketFives investors (not unlike when Josh Arieh helped his backers turn $15 into $2K). It’s also a breakthrough for Ramos himself who, admittedly, had a rough summer on the WSOP felts. But the Brazilian decided to stick around in the U.S. to play even more and has finally found that win that had been eluding him. Now, the GGPoker ambassador is back to his winning ways and has every intention of bringing his rabid fan base along with him.

Here’s just one more reason to keep a close eye on PocketFives Staking so if you haven’t done so…sign up for an account right here.

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