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‘WhatIfGod’ Goes Back-to-Back, Wins EPT Online Main Event for $363K

EPTOnline Main Event
Sweden’s ‘WhatIfGod’ won the EPT Online Main Event in back-to-back fashion.

An action-packed final table saw Swedish player ‘WhatIfGod’ win the PokerStars 2021 EPT Online Main Event for a top prize of $363,641 as a back-to-back victory was sealed with a superb heads-up victory over the former PSPC champion and overnight chip leader Ramon Colillas. Coming into play third in chips behind both Colillas and German crusher Christian Rudolph, ‘WhatIfGod’ roared through the field to win the same title he claimed back in 2020 for a remarkable back-to-back victory.

The final table action began with a big elimination right off the bat as one of the biggest names of the final table, who began the day with over 50 big blinds, found himself headed to the rail first.

Current worldwide #1-ranked Pedro Garagnani has carved out a name for himself in a number of elite high roller events in 2021 and a summer victory in a WCOOP High Roller event saw the Brazilian bank $195,690. However, there wasn’t another title to be had today as he crashed out first in the EPT Online Main Event when his five-bet shove with ThTd was called by Christian Rudolph with KhKc. The board of As3d9h3h4c sent Garagnani out for $41,259 and in doing so, handed Rudolph a dream early pot, chipping him up to 29 million and giving him an early lead.

Another big name fell when Orpen Kisacikoglu busted in eighth place for $53,763. Daniel Dvoress moved all-in from middle position with JdTd and Kisacikoglu called off his stack with Ac8c in the small blind. He was ahead in the hand, but the flop of Ts9d4h changed all that, giving the Canadian top pair. Kisacikoglu, a Turkish professional who typically plays from London, needed help. He didn’t get it on the 9h turn and when the 7c river fell, so did he.

The early eliminations were coming thick and fast and PokerStars ambassador Benjamin Rolle was next to crash out, this time in seventh place for a result worth $70,645. Rolle three-bet all-in for around 21 big blinds pre-flop with 4c4h and he was called by the newest chip leader at the final table, ‘WhatIfGod’. The Swede held AdQd and although the Jd9s4d gave Rolle bottom set, it also gave ‘WhatIfGod’ a flush draw. That turned out not to be needed as the Ks turn and Tc river gave the Swede a Broadway straight to win the hand and eliminate the dangerous German player.

With six players remaining, ‘WhatIfGod’ led with 34.8 million chips from overnight chip leader Ramon Colillas (26 million) and Rudolph (13.6 million).

There were two Brazilians at the final table, but one had to go, and it was Bruno Volkmann who was busted in sixth place for $92,828. Volkmann was another victim of the chip leader as ‘WhatIfGod’ called the Brazilian’s shove pre-flop. Volkmann had 8s8d and needed to hold against AdJd but couldn’t do so across the board of KcJs4hKd7d as kings and jacks did for Volkmann’s chances of going any further.

Eduardo Silva was the only Brazilian left, but he was out in fifth place just a couple of hands after players returned from a scheduled break. Silva defended his big blind with Qc7c against the opening bet from Colillas with ThTs and on the flop of QdTc3h, Silva called a c-bet from the Spaniard. The turn of 6h saw Silva raise all-in when Colillas bet and the former PSPC champion, who won $5.1 million from a freeroll ticket back in 2019 called it off with ease. The meaningless river of 5s ended the hand in Colillas’ favor and he put himself right back into contention at the expense of Silva, who won the first six-figure cash of the event, taking home $121,977.

Just five minutes later, Dvoress was on the rail, too. Opening from early position with a min-bet, Dvoress had Ah9d and Rudolph called with JdTh. The flop of AsKd9s flop gave Dvoress two-pair, and his min-bet was called quickly to a turn of Qc. This time, Rudolph check-called a bigger bet of 1.3 million chips, having made a straight. The trap was set, and on the 4d river, Dvoress bet 2.8 million, almost all of his stack, calling off the final few chips when Rudolph raised and seeing the bad news as his flopped two pair was trumped by the German’s turned straight.

That hand brought Rudolph back into contention on 20 million chips, but the German was still behind Colillas with 24 million and ‘WhatIfGod’ on 53 million. As he battled to shoot for parity, he put himself in increasing danger with the escalating blinds seeming to chase him every few orbits. Rudolph dropped to 16 million and when he limped in the small blind with As7s and ‘WhatIfGod’ raised from the big with ThTc, the former got it all-in and after a quick call, was at risk for his tournament life with five cards to come. The board of KdQd6c2s2c did nothing to help Rudolph and he missed out, busting in third place for $210,608.

Heads-up, Colillas was fighting a chip deficit of around 60 million to his 40 million but drifted down to a third of his stack as he held just 14 million chips. A vital double up saved his tournament life when he made a flush on the river with Ad5s managing to four-flush and beat ‘WhatIfGod’s KhKd when all the money went in pre-flop.

Just a few hands later, Colillas was even more fortunate, all-in and behind on the turn with bottom two-pair against his opponent’s top and bottom pair, but a two-outer seven on the river again save his tournament life, giving him a priceless double when all had seemed lost. Colillas took the lead and even had the chance to close out the victory, calling an all-in holding AhQc, but ‘WhatIfGod’ prevailed with 5d5c as he held to double-up to almost parity.

The Swedish player pushed hard for the win and ground his opponent down over several hands that didn’t go to showdown. Colillas was down 3:1 when the final hand took place, as he went all the way to the river with Ad8h. The flop of 8d7h6c put Colillas into the lead against WhatIfGod’s Qd4d, but the Kd on the turn gave the Swede a flush draw and on the 7d river, that flush came in. Colillas bet out 5.2 million, then when ‘WhatIfGod’ shoved, made the call and saw his top pair and top kicker on the flop beaten by his opponent’s rivered flush.

EPTOnline Final Hand

After a final table where the chips went with him, were taken away from him by a two-outer and the chance of a double title nearly went with it, ‘WhatIfGod’ battled hard and won back-to-back EPT Online Main Event titles in a thrilling climax to a great series.

2021 EPT Online Main Event Final Table Results:

  1. ‘WhatIfGod’ – $363,641
  2. Ramon Colillas – $276,741
  3. Christian Rudolph – $210,608
  4. Daniel Dvoress – $160,279
  5. Eduardo Silva – $121,977
  6. Bruno Volkmann – $92,828
  7. Benjamin Rolle – $70,645
  8. Orpen Kisacikoglu – $53,763
  9. Pedro Garagnani – $41,259

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