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7 Rogue Changes After Pre-Cataclysm 4.0.1

The masters of stealth have been loving life ever since the 4.0.1 patch surfaced. Actually, if you head to a battleground today you will find that Rogues make up half the toons competing.

7 Shaman Changes for Release of Cataclysm

When it comes to complexity the Shaman class has plenty of it. There are a lot of gamers who purposely stay away from this class because there is so much to learn. Once you add in all the changes that have been made for the Cataclysm release, we’re not sure what type of affect this will have on current Shaman toons.

7 Druid Cataclysm Class Changes

The shapeshifters in World of Warcraft, the Druid has become an “on again off again” class. While there are several different pieces to the complete puzzle, sometimes gamers get board with the various specs available. We believe this will change, and it really already has due to the Cataclysm 4.

7 Hunter Changes After Pre-Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1

If you’ve been around the trade chats in World of Warcraft, there are tons of Hunters hating some of the changes Cataclysm is providing. Some of them you might already know, and others can really only be found by looking at your toon. Either way, the Hunter is still stellar, he/she just needs a little fine tuning.

Booster Leveling Guide Review – Will This 130 Video Training Series Help You Level Up Fast?

Detailed Booster leveling guide review investigates whether this package which includes a quest path maker, will help you level up your character from 1-80 in the World of Warcraft. Discover how this guide also includes other powerful tools to increase XP level.

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