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Rift Warrior Build For Fast Leveling

The game of Rift is a wildly popular new Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing game from Trion. There are already over 1 million subscribers playing Rift worldwide and the game was just released in March of 2011.

Imperian Game Review

Imperian has got to be the most unique “video game” I have ever played. Essentially it’s more like an interactive book than a traditional video game with graphics and pretty visuals. This is because the entire game is played out via text boxes. Normally in RPG games, text boxes are used when a character is speaking. In Imperian however, everything is controlled via text and it’s up to your imagination and quick mind to navigate your way through the game.

Chronicles of Merlin Game Review

Chronicles of Merlin is a hybrid strategy and RPG based game much like other games like Batheo. It is a game where you will have to build and sustain your army first before you are fit to go into battle. The premise of the game is simple as you’re a hero here to help Merlin as you battle your way to victory against some of history’s most iconic heroes. One of the first heroes you will have to defeat is none other than Robin Hood.

StarCraft 2 And The Fine Art Of Expanding

Unless the game is done in the first 5 to 10 minutes, you will be needing to work on grabbing your second expansion. Securing additional expansions in StarCraft 2 improves your economy and enables you to build attacking units at a faster rate, and not to mention at a bigger quantity. It also puts pressure on your opponent and gives him two options to either A) he has to harass your expansion or main base, or B) he has to develop his own expansion. He will likely attempt to do both, but failing to do one or another will spell certain defeat for your opponent. More expansions means you’ll have more resources at your disposal, which means less for your opponent. You’ll have more units at your disposal and faster reinforcements.

StarCraft 2 And How To Use Scouting and Hotkeys To Best Advantage

You’ve memorized all the build orders of your chosen race, your macro has improved significantly since you’ve started and you’ve even won a few games, but it’s been half a year and you’re still in the bronze league. Well then there are a couple of things you’re probably overlooking that could make you a much more effective StarCraft player. StarCraft is a game of chess; building large massing units while shivering in your base can of course win you games against other beginners, but you will be reduced to nothing against even a slightly above average player. Believe it or not, there’s a reason why everyone seems to send out their overseer at the beginning of the game. No, it’s not just to find out where their opponent is (although that’s part of it), it’s rather to figure out what strategy the opponent is going for, so he can build the perfect counter for it.

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