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KALMAR’s RIFT Guardian Leveling Guide

In MMORP fantasy games, the most basic way to increase your level is through completing quests. In your journey inside Telara, you will encounter NPCs handing out quests, telling you which places to go and providing you with directions. You must complete these hunts to receive rewards such as rare items, reputation, gold coins, equipments, and mostly, experience.

How To Make Gold From The Chinese Gold Farmers

There are loads of gold strategies in Cataclysm, most of them are quite boring to be honest. I’ve personally found a new and interesting way of making gold in Cataclysm. It all comes from abusing the “Chinese Gold Farmers”, as they are commonly called. These people work in shifts for up to 12 hours per day, and they have a specific number of gold earned that they have to reach before the next person steps in to keep farming.

2 Reasons Why You Need a World of Warcraft Cataclysm Gold Guide

Have you ever bought a World of Warcraft Gold Guide that’s up to date and filled with so many different strategies that you never needed to farm gold ever again? Well, probably not. Because you are reading this article, aren’t you? Anyways, Gold Guide has become quite popular now in Cataclysm because you can make more gold than ever, but this can be quite hard if you’re not familiar with the gold making concept.

How To Make A Bank Alt in World of Warcraft

How To Make A Bank Alt in World of Warcraft. When you’re going to earn gold through the Auction House you need a character that can be close to the mailbox at all times and won’t have their bags filled up with quest items / Binds on Pickup Gear / Potions and everything that your level 85 has in their bags. This way you will have fast access to the Auction House and you will always have enough bag space for all your items. There are many different ways to play the Auction House, with this article you should be able to make enough gold for all of your Cataclysm needs, the first step is a Bank Alt.

Rift Tanking Guide – How To Build The Perfect Tank In Rift

Are you looking for a Rift tanking guide? Find out how to build the perfect Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Cleric tank in Rift right now!

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