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Even Boys Like Tamagotchi Online

Tamagotchi is basically a digital pet that lets little girls take care of a kitten or puppy without the hassle of a real one. The basic functions are limited as the player does not control the pet but supports it. The options are to feed it when it is hungry, tell it to sleep when it is sleepy, clean up after it when it has made a mess, and any other thing specific to that game.

Warcraft Trolls and Warcraft Elves: Information All WoW Players Need to Know

In the World of Warcraft there exists many species and tribes of both Warcraft trolls and Warcraft elves, varying by beliefs, appearance, and origin. While there are similarities between the two, which may come from the unproven belief that some elves were originally a species of troll, the two generally despise each other in every way. Numerous battles over land and power between Warcraft elves and Warcraft trolls drew the line between them even deeper, and they continue to live isolated from each other, and even from other trolls or elves that are not a part of their own tribes. One thing can be said for sure though, that they never have been, and probably never will be, in alliance with one another.

StarCraft 2 APM – Actions Per Minute Grandmaster Guide

APMs is the abbreviation for Actions Per Minute. This means how many times you do and action while playing Starcraft 2, such as clicking a hot key, highlighting a unit, telling a unit to move, basically any action you do in Starcraft 2 is recorded as an APM. APMs are usually looked at to see the skill level of a player, although just because you have a high APM count doesn’t mean that you are a skilled Starcraft 2 player or in Grandmasters To view your APMs you have to watch a replay of your game, they are not viewable while playing the game and can only be viewed during a replay. Once you are in the replay click “A” to bring up the APM menu and view your active APMs while you watch the replay. You are shown two numbers, your current APMs and your average APMs which is of the entire game.

Horde Level Guide – The Best Classes To Level With

Looking for a Horde level guide? First things first, you need to pick the right class to level with. If you started on a new server, or are new to the game, you need to know that not every class levels the same.

WoW Leveling Guide – Horde Edition

Do you think you need a leveling guide for Horde in World of Warcraft? If you do, then don’t let me stop you looking for one.

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