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Poker Zoo 66: The Sahara Game, Dean’s Game, the Learning Game

sam by s destroyed

A special episode as the two co-hosts talk together for the first time in a while. Dean starts by getting all the details on the deep stack cash game I started at the Sahara Las Vegas in January. Dean brings up one of the most important questions that can be asked in the poker training field: why is it that so many players get so much help but see so little progress? Then, with a little segue magic, Persuadeo moves to old-fashioned hand analysis in order to help Dean get out of a break-even stretch in his live games. Sometimes, what is most basic is also the most advanced.

As it happens, I’ve been away from Vegas for a few weeks and left the games in the hands of the Lounge Lizard and Regular K, and they’ve done a yeoman’s job. However, I’m back this Thursday, June 17th and it’s time to get in the action. Lock up a seat here or just ping me through any channel. Also, be sure to download Poker Atlas.

One factual error from the pod: there was a night I attempted to run the PLO game but it did not in April.

And a special note: The main purpose of my move to Vegas isn’t the game – it’s getting involved in the intersection of food and poker with the Lounge Lizard, who is a talented chef between projects. If you like great food and want to experience or build with us, this is a sign to look me up.

Straddle, call, r40 99, sb calls, straddle calls, mp call
AA6. Chk to me, b45, c, f, f1/3 400 eff.

3 limps i open A7dd to 20 in CO, Btn & SB call

(70) A86scc
1 (400) x/c
7 (480) b25
8 (800) c

(145) 8d
1 x/r260
7 b115/f
8 c/c

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