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SummerofAvery83 Has Had It


Grant me patience: if one more white, rich, trans, Buddhist of color tells me what they think I am going to lose my mind!

SO. MUCH. PRIVELEGE. It is shocking that these people dare offer their opinions when the answers to life’s problems are obviously on my side of the current debate.

Therefore, I am literally asking you to not spread misinformation about this absolutely key social problem that is definitely more important than any other problem. LIVES ARE AT STAKE ON SOCIAL MEDIA, PEOPLE.

I can’t even. Block, block, block!

Still, it’s so great to learn that there are so many good, kind people like me who agree with me like I do! I’m inspired to know that even in this godless, anti-family, dystopian capitalist hellhole that the TRUTH has supporters.

To think there are children out there who might learn that adults wear make-up and that they do things with their genitals!

Some aren’t even getting a free school lunch! Did you know in Norway everyone gets free healthcare? Now that’s a real free lunch and it’s all thanks to the natural resources which they sell to the world – while we here are dependent on dangerous, climate unfriendly gas and oil! Unbelievable. No one has to pay for anything in the richest, most successful society ever, yet we can’t even provide three square meals a day to disadvantaged obese children!

It’s just unbearable.

I would log-off, but then, who would stand up against the authoritarians in that other state where I don’t live?

SMH. Remember: love wins, never judge people, fuck the haters. Peace!

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